scaredkidA 3 year old child had their identity stolen and over $750,000 racked up in debt…

Kids Now A Target For Identity Thieves. How To Protect Your Family.

scaredkid(SLW) – Your Child May be a Victim of Identity Theft! New Tricks Are Making It Easier For Identity Thieves To Ruin Lives of American Families.

While we are busy protecting our children from the dangers of today’s changing society and the germs on their little hands, identity thieves are busy stealing their future- right under our noses. Imagine, your daughter will one day apply for her license and she finds that there is another Jane Doe down the street with the same social security number. Or your son who is ready for college and applies for a loan, but gets denied. We understand that this can all sound ridiculously impossible but one out of every 40 American home is affected by it. Could it be yours?

Consider the following:

• A recent survey revealed over 50% reported the abuse of a child’s social security number.
It’s estimated over 9 million people have their identity stolen each year, including over 400,000 kids.
• A 14-year old girl had her identity stolen when she was just 9 years old- they were able to rack up $1.5 million dollars!

But How?

Thanks to increasingly advanced technology and the ease of access these thieves have to your records (whether it be your trash, contact with your child’s personal records, etc.) your child’s personal information could be infiltrated at any moment. The fact that parents do not suspect this type of crime to happen to a minor, and therefore does not look for it, makes it even easier for the thief to get away with it.

What can you do to protect the ones you love from becoming a victim?

Use Vigilance Online and Offline; protect your accounts with secure passwords. Validate anti-virus software systems are up to date and always on. Be sure to permanently dispose of any files or records that contain sensitive information. Speak to your child about how important it is to keep his or her personal information private and away from social networking websites or shared folders.

Watch for signs of theft- Your 7 year old should not be receiving credit cards statements or offers in the mail. Social security and/or the IRS or any other government agency should not be requesting employment status for your child who can barely walk or let alone decide what to wear in the morning. Trust your instinct, it is usually right.

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