hiking-bigEveryone seems to wonder if cardio or weight training is the best thing to do for fat loss. Well we can tell you that most likely you are not doing the right exercise for optimal fat loss.

hiking-bigMany people usually wonder when is the best time to do cardio for fat loss. Some people believe that it can be done any time. The truth is, if you would want the best results for fat loss, then the best time to do cardio is first thing in the morning.  Before you even take your first meal of the day, you should burn some fat with a cardio morning workout. There are several advantages of doing morning cardio than than  doing it later in the day.

Researchers have found that the levels of glycogen are low when we first wake up. These are places where carbohydrates are store and this is the best environment in which fats can be burned. The amount of fat that you will be able to burn can be upt to 300% higher during this time than later on in the day.

Benefit 1
The way this works is quite simple. The main and most preferred energy source of the body is carbohydrates i.e. glycogen. When the main source of energy in the body is running short of supply, it will force the body to look for other alternatives to get compensate for the depleted source. This is why it goes for fats. Doing cardio workouts after eating a meal will burn out some of the fats but is not as effective as burning out fats when your body has already used its storage of carbs. When you force the body to go to the reserves to burn the fats and produce energy, the fats in the body are reduced and with time you will find that you will lose weight. If you absolutely can’t do cardio in the morning, the next best thing is doing it after weight training.  Weight lifting depletes the muscles of glycogen.

Benefit 2
We refer to as the ‘after burn effect’. By doing cardio sessions in the morning, fat is not only burning during the session but it also continues after you have finished the workout.

If you want the best results for a fat burning workout then try doing morning workouts for maximum fat loss.